Ultimate Freeride Experience Gran Sasso & Campo Imperatore

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FULL IMMERSION OVER NIGHT IN THE MOUNTAINS COVERED IN SNOW, 36 HOURS IN FULL CONTACT WITH NATURE ENABLES YOU TO SEE THE SUN SET Our team is made of pro riders and mountain rescuers. For optimal safety our team will guides groups of 8 partecipants and the entire group will be geared with GPS trackers and ARVA trackers both tracking during the entire Experience, the GPS signals will be available in real time on our web site for regitered users to follow they beloved ones in real time. The ARVA tracker supplied by us, traces up to 30 meters bellow snow. The network coverage keeps us all connected and we also use VHF frequencies in case the 3g signal gets poor. -Base Camp Eating & Sleeping We will take care of everything supplying and most important carrying all the necessary gear during the experience. Our sled will be fully packed with 5 tents e 10 sleeping bags (partecipants will be using sheet bag) not forgeting food and drinks and necessary equipment to cook hot meals at high altitude... -Media Each component of the team will 'equipped with a video recoder, digital reflex camera, we will also supply video recorders for partecipants The GPS tracks are available real time on our web site for registered users, We will be covering your Experience with Photos and Video aloowing you to go home withvery nice memories and allow our sponsors to use all images across our media center, social media and mobile applications. Social media will be involved 100% and the images go into the homes of millions of Italians, especially those who have never had the opportunity yet to learn these sports, attracting a growing number of fans. This event will allow many young people to be able to approach these amazing action sports but especially to enjoy this unique lifestyle. -Adverse weather conditions/strong> Just in the weather conditions does not enable us to carry out the experience safely, our forecast experts could decide to postpone the WildWinterExperience to a date to be decided. -Level of Participants WWEX a unique sports event open to novice riders and participants more or less experienced who wish to make a unique experience of full immersion, each group will be divided based on the partecipants individual level and experience this way we will be able to assign a suitable location to each division. Participants must show via Email or Facebook a video or more photos with action pics which they accomplished, allowing us to assess your level of experience so as to create uniform groups and choose the best routes to follow along with peace of mind. If you do not have video or photos, contact our team to make a free appointment to evaluate together your own skill level. - Location 1- Level 1 - Abruzzo Secret Spot more or less 100 km from Rome. 2- Level 2 - Abruzzo Secret Spot more or less 100 km from Rome.

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Type: Outdoor Sport Experience

Project by: Simon Critchell

Link: WildWinterExperience